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Day Z Survival Lessons - usCrow

Commander Black thinking outside the box with his new article, showing how a game can teach you how to survive when SHTF.

Active Shooter Guide for the Lone Wolves - usCrow



A few paragraphs down they call rifles assault rifles and instantly lost credibility with me. I quit.

Hate that. I literally won’t answer a question or take a statement seriously if someone does that. And I always, always correct them.

That was the proof readers error and it’ll be fixed. No need to be spastic.

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Anonymous asked:

I often say "we" are waiting too long. As in, we the people are waiting until the government has us crippled and then it'll be too late to fight back. And then I think... why am I waiting for others? Am I not capable of laying my plans into action alone? In the age we're in, with such sophisticated technology being monopolized by the governments of the world, if we wait much longer our only salvation can come in the form of a massive solar flare. When to act... when to act?

ROE is clear. When CMF is fired on, war is declared. Regardless the circumstances.


Anonymous asked:

So we should start stocking up on stuff huh? Do you think there will be just as much chaos in towns that are more conservative? (Like pro gun and military?)

Towns that are more conservative tend to have a firmer sense of community and will likely rally around each other.

You should start stocking up yesterday and prepare for the worse.

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